Which Bowie Song Are You Today?

Big Hint about my choice. 

Big Hint about my choice. 

When I feel weird or unclear or disconnected, I go back to the basics.

Bowie is my basics.

This morning, in the middle of asking myself too many big questions, I stopped and refocused on the basics.

I asked Anchor: Which Bowie song are you today? The songs that began pouring in (and are continuing to), made me so happy. (But of course they did.)

I’m ready to get to work.

[Note: As you listen, you’ll hear people’s usernames and then a little burbling sound in between every song. That’s how it’s supposed to work.]


  • CW Daly of Coral Springs, Florida
  • Clay of ?
  • Tosh Polak of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Laura Moscatello of Anchorage, Alaska
  • Neil of Sheffield, England
  • Poker Man of ?
  • Sylvia of The Netherlands
  • Ross Cahill of somewhere in Ireland