Wecome Fellow beautiful voyagers!

Wecome Fellow beautiful voyagers!

Editor's Letter

SAN FRANCISCO  —  September 22, 2017 — The New York Times recently published an article about migraine headaches, describing them as a "body-wide disorder arising from an abnormal state of the nervous system and multiple parts of the brain."

As someone who has been working to understand how overthinking affects the body, I was thrilled to hear this news. If you're interested in understanding how stress, anxiety, or overthinking are affecting you, you've in the right place. Welcome. — Meredith


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When former lead singer of the band Survivor, Dave Bickler, read our story about using his song, Eye of the Tiger, to get through challenging days, he sent word that he appreciated the sentiment.

A month later, he posted this photo of himself on Instagram in our Lighthouse tee. What a way to represent! Thanks, Dave.

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