Wecome Fellow beautiful voyagers!

Wecome Fellow beautiful voyagers!

Editor's Letter

SAN FRANCISCO  —  January 5, 2018 — Reading this story by David Foster Wallace.  It's a peek into two-minutes-that-feel-like-eternity inside an overthinker's head. Take a look. You might relate.

Welcome to the right place to get a new perspective on stress, anxiety, and overthinking. — Meredith


There are hundreds of other overthinkers around the world. Did you know that?

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famous person stress relief

Even famous people are overthinkers.

When former lead singer of the band Survivor, Dave Bickler, read our story about using his song, Eye of the Tiger, to get through challenging days, he sent word that he appreciated the sentiment.

A month later, he posted this photo of himself on Instagram in our Lighthouse tee. What a way to represent! Thanks, Dave.

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