A Very Homespun Non-Infographic about Overthinking Social Media

I had a conversation with Daniel Gehant of Copper Insights about how hard it can be to find your way on the voice-only app we both love, Anchor. I described my usual social media cycle: "START--------It hurts! It's embarrassing! OUCH------What am I saying?! I don't like this?! No one likes me!?!--------good feedback, slowly putting ourselves out there----I think I'm getting stronger-------I feel better, and I'm taking risks--------OUCH, backstep-------Nope, I'm definitely taking more risks and feeling better-----------END."

He said, "That would make a nice infographic."

Since I'm not a designer (how many ways can I say that?), my version of an infographic looks like Keynote:

Overthinking Social Media, A Non-Infographic.

Overthinking Social Media, A Non-Infographic.

I'm sharing it despite its homespun qualities because that's the whole point! Less fear, more exploring. Keep posting, fellow Beautiful Voyagers.