The Overthinker's Emoji

I've thought about this so you don't have to.


overthinking owl

For when you need to tell someone, "I've been overthinking my way into insomnia."

overthinking brown bag emoji

The easy way to say, "I'd rather stick my head into a sandy pit than think about this for one more minute."

overthinking cats

The official emoji of The Beautiful Voyager.

overthinking emoji

When you want to tell someone that yes, you're an overthinker, but you're soft, fluffy, and pretty chill, too.


overthinking thinking cat

Finally! The emoji that allows us to express, "These 3 thought bubbles could be hanging here for a long, long time."

A favorite of the overthinker. Who doesn't want to hide in the pages of a great book? Beware tho, recipients of this emoji. Too much research can cause adverse effects for your overthinking  loved one.  

overthinking writing cat

An easy way to answer the question, "Whatcha doing?" without having to actually say the words out loud.

overthinking unicorn cat

The emoji for people who feel like no one gets them exactly. An overthinker's emoji if ever there was one.


overthinking emoji

This is grinning???? Either way, a safe emoji for overthinkers. We use, and others think we mean grinning, but we know it's actually teeth-clenching while trying to smile cause not think 10 steps ahead of the conversation at hand.

overthinking detective

How else are you going to say overthinking detective?

overthinking emoji

We would never use this. Way too literal.