Are you finding yourself Dead Sea Scrolling on news stories?

social media scrolling

In the Beautiful Voyager community, when we find ourselves getting stuck reading the same social media stories or news feeds over and over, we call it "the dead sea scroll."

These days the news is unprecedentedly grim. There's no getting around it. We've never had a more divisive culture in America. It is tearing apart families and instilling a deep feeling of panic in many, many people.

The Dead Sea Scroll is particularly harmful to mental health at a time like this. That's why I posted this simple message today on Facebook.

I urge anyone who wants to escape the DSS to consider giving mediation a try. I use the Headspace app. Here's a little video on kindness from the founder of Headspace.

Whatever you choose to do, be it an experiment like changing your body temperature, listening to a pump-up soundtrack, or snowglobing away bad thoughts  or trying meditation techniques, I hope you will try something. Don't stay in the dead sea scroll.