"I've had my share, I'll help you with the pain. You're not alone."


This is not a story. I have no story to tell. Nothing to add to eloquent tributes I’m reading. I’m mourning. Nearly anything I’d say feels trite.

But something that’s hit me as I watch Blackstar over and over is that Bowie is as close as I’ve come to religion. His performances have always felt like an expression of shared humanity personally delivered to me. I’m thankful for his final message in the way I imagine worshippers are during service in church, synagogue, or mosque.

If you have outsider feelings (like I often do, for no good reason), you might feel like an outsider to the Bowie outpouring you see around you right now.

bowie altar

Realizing that David Bowie is my form of worship has changed that response for me.

These are my fellow congregants.

This is my exultant community.