Creative Early Adopters: Best Friends of Anxious People

(I had to include a photo cause she's adorable. Sorry Gabi.)

I was given early access to the List App by my friend and hero Gabi Moskowitz. What makes Gabi a hero? From my perspective, it's that she's a creative early adopter. She's someone who supports projects like this before everyone else jumps aboard.

Creative early adopters are crucially important to people with GAD. Our sensitivity is profound. It inhibits us in many ways, but it can also make us attuned to ideas and trends. If we had less fear about consequences, we would be able to accomplish more. We'd speak up and start to evolve our seedling ideas without killing them for fear of exposure. The vocal support of others turns our sensitivity into a strength.

It's easy to join the party when everyone else has arrived. But showing up when the dj's just starting to find her rhythm, the drinks are starting to flow, and everyone's still a little weird is a true art.

I realized that List App was the perfect place to house a collaborative GAD reading list. Without further ado...

Tap to see the full list of books on my list, and some that others are sharing. Download the app to share your own. We'd love to have you.

To see Gabi's life, Hollywood-style, check out the ABC Family show Young and Hungry