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How Love Lives on After Death

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Last week, my mom texted to ask if we could talk in the middle of the day at work. This was unusual, and I was immediately worried. I called her from my office's small "meditation" room.

She told me that she had just spoken with my dad's old law firm. They needed to make a change to their name. It was just getting too long. My heart seized up. My dad died in 2013, and had been sick for years before that. I couldn't blame them for removing him from the masthead, could I?

"I thought the same thing, Meredith. I was scared too," said my mom. " But they were calling to tell me they were dropping all of the other names instead. That they would now be called Arthur Law Firm Co LPA. They feel that name best represents what they fight for every day."

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I don't know how to express in words what it means to me that in Defiance, Ohio, there is a law firm that my dad started so long ago, and it still bears his name, and it's filled with people standing up for "the little guy" (dad's phrase) in this rough and inhospitable climate.

It gives me an extra daily shot of strength and confidence to think of this firm and the people in it. Thank you for this gift,  Arthur Law Firm. And thank you dad throwing some extra confidence my way in 2017.  I miss you.

Note that my shirt says "bad pig" on it. This makes me laugh while I'm crying.

Note that my shirt says "bad pig" on it. This makes me laugh while I'm crying.

Rodney Arthur

Rodney Arthur was a pretty incredible man. Read about what he valued and fought for in his career. Donate to Cure Alz in his name and make me smile from ear to ear.