SOS! What’s Your Advice?

Sharing ideas helps others (and yourself) feel better.

Hello fellow Beautiful Voyagers,

November's here. Cue the start of the holidays and the pile-up of work at the office and school. It’s a moment when many of us are saying: “Hello, ol’ friend anxiety!”

overwhelmed studying anxiety

As I mentioned in my intro letter, the Beautiful Voyager is introducing an advice column. Below is a question that’s been on my mind. (And many of yours, too, I'm sure!)

Please share a response or advice to this question. At the BV, we are all advice columnists! With your responses, I’ll be able to generate a list of insightful tips for our BV followers to refer to in these high-stress moments.

Question #1: First week of November 

I’ve been having trouble striking a balance between work and other projects with my social life. What are ways you approach anxiety management in high-stress times? How do you monitor your over-thinking and negative thoughts when papers and work from beloved professors and/or bosses are piling up? What do you do when suddenly, it seems as though deadlines are running a marathon right at you?

I would love to hear your thoughts on prioritizing and re-centering.

Please leave a response to the article. Looking forward to reading all the advice!