Introducing New Editor Mohammedi Khan

anxiety publication


Something new we will be incorporating into Beautiful Voyager is an Advice Column. Weekly, I will be asking for YOUR advice in something another Voyager or I am struggling with. This will give everyone a chance to practice the art and beauty of advice-giving and receiving.

There are many reasons individuals experience anxiety. It can range from chronic anxiety, self-esteem and assertiveness, to sociopolitical reasons such as the salient identities we identify with. 
(race, gender, social class, religion, and educational level being just a few)
We will cover it all!

Hello Beautiful Voyagers!

I am excited and humbled to be joining your journey of understandingacceptance, and coping with ‘generalized anxiety disorder’. As an editor of this publication, I will continue to ensure the integrity of your submissions and create an integrative platform between us Voyagers.

To paint a picture for you visualizers — I graduated from Loyola University of Chicago with a B.S. in Psychology in May. I am currently working as a group psychotherapy assistant in rehabilitation centers around the Chicagoland area. I first connected the dots of over-thinking and stress with anxiety my freshman year of college, after experiencing my first anxiety attack (and boy was it not pretty…)

In my spare time I love reading and writing, so feel free to suggest any thrillers or psychology books you have read recently!

If you feel as though you are struggling and are in need of advice from like-minded individuals; feel free to post your situation as a response or email me. I will be sure to address it in a prompt for the upcoming weeks.

This will be an opportunity for us all to affirm our giving and healing traits, 
so be on the lookout for my first prompt in the coming days.
Get ready!

Bon voyage,