Why You Need Another Dang Tee

Ten Reasons to wear a ship on your chest.

10. Revive the feelings of awesome band shirts.

stress shirt

Remember the 80's and 90's? When you’d go see a concert and buy the shirts? When it was one of the few ways to get a band shirt that didn’t look totally fake?

When you saw someone else with the same shirt, you felt an immediate sense of belonging, unity, and a wash of whatever the music made you feel.

That’s what this shirt will do.

9. You’re sick of how mental health is currently covered by the media.

When you wear this shirt, you’ll incite curiosity, not avoidance. Perhaps people around you will Google “Beautiful Voyager” and see:

mental health help
mental health help

8. This sign is hanging outside of a place that intrigues you, but you realize you’re only wearing shoes.

Man, you really need a shirt. That place looks COOL.

7. You appear on the Beautiful Voyager Lighthouse Map of Overthinkers, and you want to represent IRL.

There are hundreds of you, by the way. All over the world. How cool would it be to run into each other in person…or just see each other across the airport?

6. You’re at that certain point in your t-shirt collection life cycle.

You’re sick of everything in your drawer, face it.

5. You’re reading this in a place that cares about writing, which means you care about writing. Teaching young girls to write sounds like an amazing nonprofit to support.

mental health help

That’s what the t-shirt proceeds go to: Girls Write Now.

4. You believe that awakening our country’s self-awareness around stress, anxiety, and pain is more important now than ever.

mental health help

3. You also believe that it needs to be done in the right, non-heavy handed way.

mental health help

2. You want to send out a ray of positivity and good vibes in the start of 2017.

Every time you wear the shirt, you will be sending out good feelings, both to yourself and others.

1. You have a vivid imagination, and will spin incredible tales about the adventures you took aboard the ole Beautiful Voyager.

Cotton Bureau is where you can get the first-ever, limited edition Beautiful Voyager shirt. But it’s only until January 17! After that, it’s over!

mental health help

Buy the shirt.

For all the reasons I described above, or another amazing one you’ll create yourself.

Cause if you’re a Beautiful Voyager you have creativity just waiting to burst out of you.