If you said to me, 15 years ago…

Sculpture by José Manuel Castro López.

Sculpture by José Manuel Castro López.

“You are going to love hanging out with engineers,”

I would have thought you were crazy.

If you said (when I was a young editor working in NY book publishing),

In 15 years, you’ll spend each day relearning the engineer’s approach to problem-solving. You’ll learn to break Large into Smaller. You’ll always start with Known.

This engineer’s approach will put you at ease. It will make you a better writer,

I would have scrunched my nose and forehead in confusion.

I didn’t understand then that emotions, though rife with information, are transitory.

I thought diving deep into thoughts and feelings was the most important work.

When I say to NOW people (who used to be THEN people),

I love working all day with engineers,

They have my same forehead scrunch.

Change is confusing. Change is scary.

Now I say,

relaxing rock formation for stress

The human capacity for reinvention is limited by two things.

One: Exposure to new ways of thinking and being.

Two: An understanding of the self.

Then I nod.

Finally, nodding.

Dedicated to the software engineers and developers I’ve worked with who have helped me see things differently through rigor and patience. Thank you.