Are You a Red Dot or a Blue Dot?

red dot and blue dot

Many years ago, I had a friend who worked for the writer Marcelle Clements. She noticed that Marcelle had red and blue round stickers in her address book next to people's names. What did they mean? Why, when I learned what it meant, did the metaphor stay with me for over twenty years?  

it turns out that the writer had learned to put a red dot by everyone who brought energy into her life, and a blue dot next to everyone who sucked energy away from her.

The heart is a giant red dot, by the way.

The heart is a giant red dot, by the way.

I used this thinking myself — looking at the people around me through red dot or blue dot eyes. I found it super helpful, too. When I met my future husband, I realized he was a giant red dot. I even knit him a red dot scarf. It was a red dot act to enthusiastically make such an ugly scarf.

ugly scarf