The First Launch of The Beautiful Voyager Podcast

Ricardo and I recording our intercontinental podcast

Ricardo and I recording our intercontinental podcast

You are looking at the two hosts of the inaugural Beautiful Voyager podcast recording an early episode as it sets sail. Imagine it as a modern day KonTiki stubbornly nudging its way along looking for the trade winds. Take a listen to our trailer, released March 3:

Ric (an illustrator who lives in Japan and is as wonderful as he sounds) and I met through Anchor, the incredible app I've been spending a lot of time on and that I've written about here.

We quickly went on to create our first episode called Biases & Disclaimers on March 4:

Earlier tonight we launched our second episode! It's called The Anxious Child. Check it out.

If you listen through, you'll hear an amazing set of comments and questions following the podcast. This is why we chose Anchor as the space for our podcast, unusual though it might be. We really wanted it to be a collaboration with the community there. And we would love others to join too! Just take a listen to these episodes and comment wherever you like--on Facebook, Twitter, or here. We'll be sure to share your thinking on the wave so that it gets discussed with a larger group.

Here's to new frontiers and setting sail!