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I created this site when I found out my lifelong migraines were caused, in part, by anxiety. I googled like crazy to figure out how how anxiety works and how to unlock my physical symptoms. 

I found a lot of photos that reinforced the feeling that anxiety is miserable people bent over in shadowy corners. That didn't work for me. 

I felt so much better knowing I had anxiety. I was filled with curiosity about it.

I soon realized in order to read the sort of writing I was interested in, I would have to collect or write it myself.

I'm using my career experience as a writer, video producer, and content strategist to reframe the topics of our time. 

After spending one hour with a class of college students I was told, "You have radically changed the way I think about this topic, and I've had panic attacks for years. I can't find the right words to thank you."

This is a sea change (pardon the pun), and it's going to happen. I am honored to be a part of it.

Email: meredith at bevoya dot com