Seeking: Neuroscientist Interested in Helping People

Answering Questions Via Email Can Make a Huge Difference!

I’m looking for a neuroscientist to speak to the “science” side of Beautiful Voyager, the meeting place of overthinkers.

Earlier today, I was desperately trying to find an article I had once read that talked to-do lists as dopamine tricks on the mind…and not in a good way. They make you believe you’ve actually taken action when you haven’t. That’s why, it argued, people are addicted to creating them.

I need an “Ask a Neuroscientist” to verify if this memory of mine is right. I’d also love to ask a follow-up question or two on behalf of the BV audience. (It’s insane how little there is on this topic when you Google it.)

Do you know a neuroscientist who might be a good candidate? Let me know via email or in response to this post!

Thank you, all of you brilliant talent scouts,