Seeking: Neuroscientist Interested in Helping People

Answering Questions Via Email Can Make a Huge Difference!

I’m looking for a neuroscientist to speak to the “science” side of Beautiful Voyager, the meeting place of overthinkers.

In particular, I’m looking to create a thread on our community forums called “Ask a Neuroscientist.” I imagine this as a place where members of the community could ask science-related questions and get thoughtful answers. The answers don’t have to be long — just expert approved.

Earlier today, I was desperately trying to find an article I had once read that talked to-do lists as dopamine tricks on the mind…and not in a good way. They make you believe you’ve actually taken action when you haven’t. That’s why, it argued, people are addicted to creating them.

I need an “Ask a Neuroscientist” to verify if this memory of mine is right. I’d also love to ask a follow-up question or two on behalf of the BV audience. (It’s insane how little there is on this topic when you Google it.)

Do you know a neuroscientist who might be a good candidate? The forums are extremely easy to post on and can even be done via email. Let me know via email or in response to this post!

Thank you, all of you brilliant talent scouts,