Have You Ever Heard of the Messaging App Slack?

It's a Great Way to Meet Overthinkers.

Meet real humans. Not friendly bots.

Meet real humans. Not friendly bots.

You may have heard me mention Slack. (You may have tuned me out when I talk about Slack.) But here's your chance to understand it, investigate, and possibly find some other people you can relate to...all for free.

What It Is

Slack’s a group chat service that a bunch of companies use to replace or augment their email services. Here’s a video about how the software works that Adam LisagorSandwich Video created:

Increasingly, Slack’s becoming a way for special interest groups to gather, meet, and “talk” (virtually) about whatever’s on their mind.

I’m currently a member of 4 Slack groups:

  • Trulia — where I work.
  • SOAK— a company whose board I'm on.
  • Women in Product — a Slack-created Slack group for tech women, very Inception-like.
  • Beautiful Voyager—the Slack group I created to help overthinkers connect with each other.

I started the BV Slack channel in 2016 when I wanted a space to be able to connect with people without having to go through the hassle of using social media apps. I wanted the connection to be seamless with the rest of my life. I also wanted to know if I could get other overthinkers like me to find out that they weren’t alone. How hard would it be to get everyone talking?

The Beautiful Voyager Slack channel has, as of today nearly 100 members, with around 10 active members at any given time.

The Good People of the BV Slack

- Maclean, on Slack since Jan, lives in Malawi

- Maclean, on Slack since Jan, lives in Malawi

"I find Beautiful Voyager Slack useful for what I would have wanted Facebook to be for me... the community, the growth opportunities, the celebration of each other's moving forward and the empathy when it doesn't is what I love Beautiful Voyager for."

The people in the Slack group come from a variety of backgrounds and places around the world. I don’t even know who everyone is, which is fine as far as I’m concerned. My goal is to create community, which means creating the right space for people to feel comfortable hang out. I can’t control what will happen in that space — or when.

This was a Mexico-Israel conversation that happened in very different time zones.

This was a Mexico-Israel conversation that happened in very different time zones.

The Slack Channels

Slack channel list. Different channels have different purposes.

Slack channel list. Different channels have different purposes.

We are up to 14 channels in our Beautiful Voyager Slack group. New members can start channels whenever they want. It's great to see what people want to talk about, and then new channels pop up.

It’s relaxing to know what each channel is for. It removes decision fatigue. We use the #wondy-wins room to share small daily wins. It always makes me happy to see that channel lit up. (Wondy-wins, by the way, because our Swedish contingent used the word "wondy," short for wonderful, and we loved it. We now have it in emoji form too.)

In the case of the BV Slack group, what ties us all together is that we’re curious and engaged with the question of what it means to be both sensitive and strong in today’s fast-moving world.

One of my big ground rules is: It’s always OK to drop away from the group and return whenever you feel like it. The goal is no pressure.


If you’re curious about the Beautiful Voyager Slack group, or want to join, find out more more here.