Guide to the Language of Beautiful Voyager

Think of this as a wiki.

anxiety wiki

Some of these terms came from Meredith (founder of BV), some from articles or tv shows, and many from the BV Slack group. Understanding the lingo helps understand the concepts, so that's why we're creating one place to be able to refer to it all.

Beautiful Voyager = Anyone who joins in any way. It could be by putting a lighthouse on the map, joining our Slack group, or just checking in regularly. 

Overthinker = You think deeply about the world. A responsible researcher, you're seek answers. You've been told you "think too much." You're sensitive and empathic. Physical pain is a sign that thinking has become overthinking. 

Vulnerability Hangover = The rush of regret you feel after sharing your weakness with others or the lingering awkwardness you feel after trying something new that revealed a hidden or surprising weakness.

Wondy-win = The daily wins that make us stronger. Wondy is short for wonderful.

Mapagize = When two people apologize at the same time because they are people pleasers.

Pickle = BV code word for something we don't like. Usage - "That comment is a real PICKLE." Useful as replacement to swearing.

Dead Sea Scroll (DSS) = the phenomenon when you spend hours upon hours, scrolling through social media. Social media is the dead sea. And scrolling is the scroll.

Wave the Flag! = BV slogan for when you need to talk or let something off your chest. Usually, people come onto Slack and shoot a flag emoji. Then, the community comes together!

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) =  An umbrella term used by the mental health industry for a host of underlying anxieties. If you have GAD, you might be a perfectionist who is concerned about details and wants to please others. 

The Wave =  A concept Meredith uses to describe the physiological experience of anxiety. Riding the wave is key to feeling better.

Special thank you to wordsmith Mina Demian. 

Special thank you to wordsmith Mina Demian. 

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