Never Talk Religion or Politics

One’s been unavoidable. Might as well tackle the other.

anxiety about religion

A statement made recently in the BV Slack room — the meeting place of overthinkers — really resonated with me.

The Beautiful Voyager is closely related to AA meetings but without all the mumbo jumbo involved.

It’s true. You’ll never hear me refer to a higher power (unless it’s David Bowie).

When it comes to religion, my status is:

religion stressing me out


There are definite similarities between my path of moving through anxiety and the approach religious friends take.

meditation like prayer


Seen another way, meditation is a lot like prayer. Both involve a break in daily routines and the gaining of a new perspective.


Service to others and the building of community are key components of many religions. My secular approach revolves around the belief that caring for others is an important selfish act that helps the brain in similar ways meditation/prayer does. (In this case, selfish is nothing to be afraid of.) Helping others to help yourself is a societal good and net positive.

The Strongest Thread

Perhaps the strongest thread that connects the work of the Beautiful Voyager to religious thought is my core struggle to accept that I cannot control the world around me.

Relinquishing control. That must be what faith feels like.

religion politics confusion

Love, Meredith

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