I'd been fighting migraines for all 39 years of my life. I tried every medication and natural approach possible. I'd given up hope for improvement when my neurologist surprised me by saying: I know what's causing your migraines. You have Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Diagnosis in hand, I searched and searched but found nothing online that spoke to my physical experience of stress, overthinking, and anxiety. 

doing it on the side podcast

I'm using my decade of tech and startup experience to address the confusion that kept me in the dark (at times, literally, in bed, with a migraine). This site is for people who aren’t finding the answers they’re looking for on Google.

You've come to the right place. 

This podcast interview tells more of my story and the background of the project. Here's the best way to contact me.

What People Are Saying

If, like me, you deal with some form of overthinking/anxiety/stress, you need to check this site out. Meredith’s thinking and talking about what it means to experience anxiety in a way I’ve never encountered before. It’s life-changing. To quote her, it’s all about turning a super sensitivity into a super power.
— Gabrielle, San Francisco, CA
The Beautiful Voyager is creating a bright light on these topics. I thank you. I hope this site gets the recognition it deserves. And I don’t necessarily mean high fives but that people hear it and relate to it and take something from it. Personal to them. Whatever way, big, small.
— Natalie, London, England