5 Ancient Ways to Fidget in Style

Inspired by the Fidget Cube

fidget cube kickstarter

A lunchtime discussion with my coworkers about the Fidget Cube (which is kicking ass on Kickstarter) and the role of fidgeting in stress & anxiety.

Together we discussed these methods — most of which have been around for centuries — that help with busy hands, busy minds.


1. Baoding Balls: Here’s what they are. And this video shows some crazy baoding action.

baoding balls for fidgeting and stress

2. Worry Stones: Many different countries have some version of this, according to wikipedia.

Worry stones anxiety stress

3. Dorodango: What are dorodango, you ask? Glad you asked.

dorodango anxiety stress

4. Worry Beads: They’re a Greek thing. It’s interesting how every photo of a Greek person shows them “doing” the worry beads behind their back. Would like more info on this.

worry beads fidget anxiety stress
loud method worry beads

loud method worry beads

Quiet method worry beads

Quiet method worry beads

zen stone fidgeting

Note: Keep your fidget things in Zen singing bowl. Every time you put something in it, it makes a lovely sound.

Zen singing bowls

Originally published September 9, 2016 on The Beautiful Voyager Medium publication. Follow the pub if you're a Medium reader.