I Experimented With...Diffusing New Smells In My Room

Opulence Nebulizing Diffuser

I took this video of the diffuser in action — you can hear that it has a little white noise element that is the sound of the oil bubbling, but is overall very quiet.

The good people at Organic Aromas were generous enough to send me a diffuser to test, to see how changing a scent in my room might help me with my anxiety symptoms like migraines and nausea. They also offered to give Beautiful Voyager a diffuser as a giveaway, so you will get the chance to try out a diffuser like the one yourself!

The diffuser they sent me is called the Opulence - Nebulizing Diffuser. I like its simplicity, and the way the glass lid fits into the glass carafe stem.

Gayle of Organic Aromas also sent me a lavender essential oil to try in the diffuser. The essential oil seems high-quality and very potent (though what do I really know about essential oils? Not much).

I really liked that this diffuser doesn’t need water added to it. You just drop in 20 drops of the essential oil, plug it in, and let it run. The effect is immediate in your room.

In terms of how the new smell affects me — it depends on the day! I find that hormones greatly affect my sensitivity to smells. On days when I am super sensitive, I run the diffuser just a short time to bring a relaxing smell into the room. On days when I’m less sensitive, I let it run more. If you don’t like smells, a product like this won’t be for you, but if you’re like me, and you like experimenting with new smells to change your state of mind in a subtle way, you might want to give it a try!

NOTE: I just learned from Gayle that the bubbling sound in my video is due to a need for me to add more essential oil! It is a soothing little notification that the diffuser is out. She notes, “if there is a bubbling that means that there is probably not enough oil on the diffuser. When you see or hear bubbling, if you dont like or want it, you can just add a few more drops of oil and it will go away. Also, you should try to use your diffuser on the LOW volume setting if you can. The diffuser is more than powerful enough on the LOW to cover any bedroom or small office space in a matter of minutes. Once the aroma reaches the desired level you can choose to turn the diffuser off at that time.” Thank you Gayle!

I’ll be updating this post with news about the giveaway as it happens. More soon!